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Mr. Micro provides the following Browser, Email, and Dial-Up Network Settings to assist in the setup of your Mr. Micro Dial-Up account. You may be prompted to enter the setting information below.

Browser & Email Client Settings

Mr. Micro Homepage: http://www.mrmicro.net
• This is the Web address where members can access Mr. Micro's Internet service, check email through Web mail, and get information.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP): mail.mrmicro.net
• To send email, Mr. Micro uses this outgoing mail server. SMTP stands for "Simple Mail Transport Protocol."

Incoming Mail (POP3): mail.mrmicro.net
• This is the server where your email resides. In order to access Mr. Micro email, a POP3, called a POP server is needed.

POP3 Account Name: Your email account is your POP3 account name.
• This can often be your user name if you only have one mailbox. You can have several aliases since each email account is given its own "space". Your POP3 account name is your Mr. Micro Internet username (adding "@mrmicro.net" is not necessary).

News Server (NNTP): news.mrmicro.net
• This is where all news groups reside. BYOA is an acronym for "bring your own access," the server requires a User ID/password authentication and you can access it from anywhere on the net.

FTP Server: ftp.mrmicro.net
• This FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server is used by web hosting account users to upload/download their web site files. A user ID/password is required and can be acquired by contacting our Internet Service Department.

Server ports

Outgoing Mail (SMTP): 25 • Incoming Mail (POP3): 110 • News (NNTP): 119
• Server ports are used to identify the types of traffic to the server. For example, outgoing mail uses port 25, incoming mail port 110, and news uses port 119.

Dial-up Networking Settings

Server assigned IP address: Every computer has an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is either dynamic or static. Mr. Micro Internet uses dynamic IP addressing which requires less maintenance and allows for us to provide more accessible dial-up.

Server assigned DNS address: DNS is an abbreviation for Domain Name System. DNS allows users to visit sites by entering a Registered Domain Name, rather than using a long series of numbers known as an IP address. This is accomplished by a series of name servers that convert these names to IP addresses.

If you still have questions and would like us to talk you through setting up your Internet account, please call us at (606) 836-7112 and we would be happy to assist you.