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About the Internet

The Internet has had a relatively brief, but explosive history. It grew out of an experiment begun in the 1960's by the U.S. Department of Defense. The DoD wanted to create a computer network that would continue to function in the event of a disaster. If part of the network was damaged, the rest of the system still had to work. That network was ARPANET, which linked U.S. scientific and academic researchers. It was the forerunner of today's Internet. For more Internet history, see Hobbes' Internet Timeline.

The Internet As A Community

Even though the Internet is a global network, in many ways it resembles a small town, with similar services. Let's say you want to send or receive mail. The Internet has electronic post offices. There are online libraries with millions of books and periodicals you can use any time of the day or night. Chat rooms are the Internet equivalent of 24-hour coffee shops, with people eager to gab anytime you want. The World Wide Web is like a giant mall, where you can shop, order a pizza, preview a movie, and listen to radio stations from around the world. All of these represent different ways of using the Internet.

Ten Things You Can Do Online!

  1. Shop!
  2. Pay bills and do all your banking.
  3. Explore the World through web cams.
  4. Take a course and learn a new skill or get a certification.
  5. Play games and have fun.
  6. Keep in touch with friends and family through email, live chat, and discussion groups.
  7. Take your business to a whole new level or start your own business on a shoestring budget.
  8. Listen to music and download it to make your own custom CDs.
  9. Read news and articles from your local area or around the world.
  10. Almost anything you can imagine is either available online now or will be soon!!

Your Local Internet Resource, Mr. Micro

Providing quality Internet service has always been our number one priority. Our Internet connection services are operated and maintained LOCALLY. We do not outsource any portion of our services and take pride in serving the Tri-State's Internet needs exclusively from our own location. With Mr. Micro Internet, you can be assured that when you call us for help you will be speaking with the same certified and technically qualified people who have serviced your computer issues for years and can now assist you with your Internet needs.

Internet Access Provider

Providing for the access needs of both home-users with single access needs and corporate offices with multiple PC’s; Mr. Micro handles all Internet accounts with the same expertise you have come to expect from our highly-qualified staff members. For more information on our Internet Access Services, click here.

Get Your Business Online

We also provide web hosting services for both our local and distant customers. We can house your one page informational Web sites, entry-level and mid-level e-Commerce Web sites, and even provide remote storage. For our loyal Tri-State area customers, Mr. Micro is able to provide you with a local solution to your Web site hosting needs; giving you greater access and control over your Web site without the added cost of hosting your site in-house. For our distant customers, you will receive the same quality, attention, and care as our local clients, regardless of how far away you may be. For more information on our Web Hosting Services, click here.

Professional Web Design,
the Key to Success

A web site is an extension of your business. It reflects your company's image and builds trust with your customers. The decision to launch a company web site, whether it be for information, customer support, or e-Commerce is a decision that requires detailed initial planning, superb design, and innovative marketing strategies.

Success on the web is measured by how well you provide your existing customers and potential new customers with the information or products they need in the most efficient and satisfying manner. A well-planned, focused site will achieve that goal. For more information on our Professional Web Design services, click here.