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Mr. Micro wants to provide the best Internet service available. Therefore, we have made our Internet service "members" only. This allows us to limit the total number of users so each customer is handled with a personal touch. We do not issue CD’s which often times create problems you never expected . We personally configure your PCs for access and work with you one on one to insure the best possible experience. All this makes Mr. Micro dial-up the difference you've been looking for. Call or Click here for signup details.

For the corporate office, we specialize in multiple PC access. Hardware or a software routing can connect your entire office to the internet with minimum interruptions.

The following standard services are just a few available at Mr. Micro. Membership criteria may apply.

Service Options Pricing Other
Residential Dial Up Web space:
-$2.00 for 10 Meg
- $4.99 for 25 Meg
$ 21.15 Month
$ 25.00 Yearly Membership Fee
* Line will disconnect after idle time detection
Business Dial Up   Call for Pricing  
Extra Email   $ 1.00 to 3.99  
Static IP Keep the same IP $ 10.00 per month One Time $10 Fee
Domain Hosting   Call For Pricing  
Dedicated Access Stay online 24 hours a day!. $ 185.00 month One time $35.00 Setup Fee.
Dedicated IP Included.

Fully Digital technology 56k V.90
Mr. Micro Internet Access Terms and Conditions