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Wireless Broadband (High Speed Internet Access)

Mr. Micro brings the fast lane to Main Street America! High-speed, wireless Internet connectivity is now available in rural communities. It's simple, reliable and lightning fast. Best of all, there's no phone line needed - you're online all the time! Choose the Mr. Micro service that fits your needs - and get on the information superhighway today!

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Typical Dial Up


Wireless Broadband


Mr. Micro high-speed, wireless Internet service, you've got the fast, dependable access you crave. You'll enjoy using the Internet for information, shopping, hobbies, e-mail and much more-all without long waits and time-consuming downloads.


Connect your business to the world with Mr. Micro high-speed, wireless Internet service. You can make more efficient use of the Internet, and increase productivity and profitability through improved communications. Enjoy exceptional video and audio capabilities, networking capabilities and blazing-fast access to the information your company needs. Multiple e-mail accounts and the ability to network your office!

You don’t need a new, ultra-fast computer system to access the Internet at high speeds with Mr. Micro's service. There are four basic requirements you need to have to receive our service. Here’s what you need:

1. Qualifying Location

If you live in a community that has Mr. Micro's service, you must have a clear or near clear line of sight to a Mr. Micro's transmission tower (typically mounted on a tall structure such as a grain elevator or water tower). Generally, you are eligible for our service if you live within four miles of the tower. When the installation professional arrives at your location, they will first test for signal strength to determine if you are able to receive our service.

2. Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC)

Your computer must have an Ethernet Network Interface Card (generally referred to as a NIC). If you don’t have a NIC, you can most likely add one to your existing system. They can be provided if need be.

3. Category 5 (Cat-5) Patch Cable

To connect your computer to the Mr. Micro's wall jack you will need a Category 5 patch cable with a RJ45 plug (generally referred to as a Cat-5 cable).

4. Operating System Compatibility

We recommend that you have Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. Our service is also compatible with Macintosh computers. We recommend that you use Internet Explorer as a web browser, but generally most Internet browsers are compatible with our service. Finally, the TCP/IP software component of your operating system must be installed.

Let’s summarize. The following list includes the customer requirements to receive Mr. Micro's service:

(Mr. Micro will provide all the above except the line of sight)

To order or inquire about these or other services email sales@mrmicro.net or call (606) 836-7112.