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Electronics for Home or Office

Mr. Micro has always looked for new ways to serve our customers and exciting, new technology to offer them. In recent years, computer technology has been crossing over into all areas of electronic entertainment such as television, radio, and other home electronics. To keep up with the times and give you the best of all technology available, we now offer a full line of cutting-edge electronic products such as Theater In A Box, Plasma TV’s, HDLCD TV’s, and automation products for both home and office. So if you are looking for information on these or any other new electronics, think of Mr. Micro. You get the same expert advice, competitive pricing, and superb customer support that we have offered on our Computer Products and Services for close to 20 years!

Theater In A Box

Theater In A BoxHome Theater In A Box, or HTIB, is a complete surround sound system conveniently packaged all in one box. It connects to virtually any television. A home theater system in a box usually includes a home theater receiver and surround sound speakers - 5 or 6 small "satellite speakers" and a powered subwoofer for deep, explosive bass sound effects. From the comfort and safety of your home, a home theater system connected to a big screen TV transforms ordinary home entertainment into a sight and sound experience that rivals your local movie theater. Many home theater systems also include a DVD player which plays both your DVDs and CDs! You should also connect your digital satellite or cable box, VCR and video game system. The sound on today's video game systems is incredible! Don't worry, hookup is not as difficult as it looks. There is a lot of support available for you! Home theater systems generally range in price from below $300 to about $1000.


HD LCD TVLCD (liquid crystal display) technology represents a revolution in television design: the truly flat TV. LCD flat-panel displays typically measure around 3" in depth, and are lightweight enough to be mounted on a wall (although they also look mighty sleek on the artsy stands designed to display them on tabletops). LCD technology produces an exceptionally bright picture that can easily be viewed even in very bright conditions. The images are characterized by outstanding sharpness and detail and rich, saturated colors. LCD TVs use relatively little electricity, run cooler and more quietly than most plasma displays, and are essentially immune to the "burn-in" problems that plague CRT-projection and plasma TVs. Slim, sleek and lightweight, they can be placed or mounted almost anywhere in the home, including places where you might not have considered placing a TV — and, in fact, can easily be transported from room to room (with the exception of the largest screen sizes) for additional flexibility. And no matter where you put them, the latest models allow uninhibited viewing from angles as severe as 170 degrees off-axis. LCD TVs are available many sizes, from 10" standard-definition models to widescreen HDTV showpieces of 37" or more.

Plasma TV's

Plasma TVThe result of recent plasma technology has yielded a television display produces an evenly focused, realistic picture with a wide viewing angle. Plasma displays perform well regardless of lighting conditions and are not affected by magnetic fields. That means you can set one next to your home speaker system without affecting the picture. Most models accept both video and computer inputs, allowing you to watch your favorite movies or display images from the DVD-ROM drive of your computer. Plasmas weigh much less than LCD televisions, and are currently the only flat panel televisions offered in screen sizes larger than twenty inches. These high tech displays don't come cheap and, as with LCD televisions, a rather limited market stops the manufacturers from producing them in large numbers. Of course, the most obvious advantage to owning a flat panel television is an ultra-thin display that weighs considerably less than a traditional TV. In addition to looking like something out of the space age, flat panels might also be categorized as being part of the "space saving" age - they fit almost anywhere!


You want a superior picture in a large screen but without all of the bulk. With Philips Cineos series you no longer have to compromise space for design, or image quality for size. Cineos is the whole package! Because the new Liquid Crystal On Silicon (LCOS) technology is far lighter in weight and smaller in size than today’s projection lenses or CRTs, the complete set is much lighter and thinner than current direct view or projection TV sets. Just think what you could do with the new 62" Liquid Crystal on Silicon HD TV, 1080i / 720p / 480p, 1280X720, Digital Natural Motion, Digital Crystal Clear, New light engine w/ improved contrast and colors, Saphlon screen protector, 2 Tuner Double Window PIP, HD Component Input, DVI Input. Now doesn’t that sound like a dream?? Prices start at $4,600 for 62-inch models, smaller sizes available.